Transportation headlines, Thursday, August 4

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Gov. Brown Vetoes Commuter Benefits Act, Cites Cost Agument (L.A. Streetsblog)

SB 582 was a bill that would have expanded commuter benefits and allowed employees to pay for commuting alternatives (transit, vanpool, bicycle) using pre-tax dollars or a $75 subsidy from their employer. The goal: encourage transit alternatives, decrease congestion, improve air quality and serve as a great benefit for employees. Sound too good to be true? Seems so. Governor Brown vetoed the bill citing that in the current economic climate any mandate on small businesses is bad. Streetsblog LA respectfully disagrees.

A lonelier ride on Dodgers Express (Zev’s Blog)

The Dodger Stadium Express bus service was introduced last year to great success – so great, in fact, that it was able to return for another year. Unfortunately, this Dodger season has been something of a string of disappointments and the Dodger’s Express is experiencing something of a sophomore slump. Game attendance is low which means Express ridership is low. There is a silver lining though: despite the low numbers, people are still riding the buses, which means they aren’t driving and polluting the air.

Will a Highways/Transit Shutdown follow the Aviation Shutdown? (Transportation Issues Daily)

So Congress shut down part of the FAA, stalling construction projects and putting federal employees on unpaid leave, but what about the rest of our transportation system? That’s exactly the question Transportation Issues Daily presents, and the blog believes that a larger shutdown is possible. The legislation that authorizes the federal government to collect gas taxes expires on September 30 – it’s been extended seven times in the past few years, but like the FAA extension, it’s not guaranteed.

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  1. I understand Jerry Brown’s concern about the state’s fiscal situation, but it’s still frustrating that during a period of big tax cuts for the wealthy, we can’t pass much smaller tax cuts for the benefit working-class transit riders.