Reminder: ‘Rolling’ passes begin Monday, Aug. 8

The rolling policy is more in line with that of other major transit agencies and just makes sense — with the technology available, there’s no reason to tie passes directly to the calendar. The new passes are good for seven or 30 days starting from the first day they’re used.

And the old calendar-specific passes will no longer be sold as of Monday, Aug. 8.

Here’s an earlier post on the issue and there are more details in the news release from Metro:

Beginning Monday, Aug. 8, Metro customers can purchase Metro weekly, monthly passes any day of the week or month and go. The 7-day or 30-day time period begins the first day of use. The flexible 7-day or 30-day pass are good for 7 or 30 consecutive days starting the first day it is used, rather than for a specific calendar week or month.

Metro customers can purchase and use their passes on a personal schedule rather than waiting in the weekly or end-of-month lines at pass sales outlets.

Calendar-specific monthly and weekly passes will no longer be sold as of Aug. 8. Monthly passes for the month of August purchased in advance of the conversion remain valid through Aug. 31.

Metro’s 7-day and 30-day passes can be purchased online at, or in person at four Metro Customer Centers, more than 400 pass sales outlets and Metro ticket vending machines.

Customers can load the new passes onto a TAP card. Those who don’t already have a TAP card will need to buy one. The cards are $2 from ticket machines and sales outlets. The TAP cards are reusable.

“The TAP technology offers more and more opportunities to refine the fare system,” said Metro CEO Art Leahy. “No longer are customers required to purchase passes during a limited number of days in a month or lose value if passes are purchased later in a set calendar period. It’s just a better way to keep meeting the needs and schedules of our customers.”

While not a pass in itself, the TAP card is an important innovation for Los Angeles County transit riders. The durable plastic card contains a smart chip that allows customers to buy and electronically load Metro passes, participating regional and local transit line passes, electronic cash, or any combination of the three.

ONLINE: More info on the TAP smart card at

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  1. @T.Z.: Good point. We will be paying for 365 days to get 360 days worth of passes. Perhaps Metro can consider loading a “bonus” 7-day pass to each TAP once a year automatically.

  2. Based on this, the EZ transit pass should be expanded into calendar-based week passes and day passes which would work on Santa Monica Transit (Metrolink fare media [one-way, round-trip, 4-trip, 10-trip, monthly pass] is invalid on Santa Monica Transit as fare)

  3. I think the rolling idea is really good and reasonable for weekly pass but really bad and unreasonable for monthly pass. I’m buying the monthly pass because I’m a regular bus rider and I ride the bus on every working day and I don’t really need any flexibility. With the old monthly pass, I can just go to renew the pass any day between the 25th and the end of the month. That’s what I have been doing in the past 10 years. Now it seems like I have to mark on the calendar and note which day I should go. Please at least make the rolling monthly pass valid for 31 days instead of 30. The extra day means a lot to me.

  4. I doubt the Ez Passes because not all the carriers are ready for it.

  5. One small step in the right direction. Next up, daily cap system. My bet, it’ll be done next year. LOL.

  6. This is a good thing; I was just wondering today when this was to be initiated.

    How about another story about how TAP cards handle cash value and passes on the same card? I just learned today that when I buy a day pass but there is still cash value on my card the TAP card uses the pass instead of the cash value.

  7. so you must have a tap card at all times now? no more paper monthly or EZ passes?

    • Hi there;

      If I’m understanding everything correctly, most of the paper monthly/weekly passes have been or are being phased out. Not sure about the EZ pass. But the agency is trying to move as many passes to TAP as possible.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source