Carpool lanes on 110 freeway to be closed overnight for next 13 months

The 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. carpool and transitway closures begin Sunday night, Aug. 7 to accommodate the ExpressLanes project, which is converting the existing carpool lanes into toll lanes. The closures are scheduled to continue through Sept. 2012.

Several bus lines, including the Silver Line, will be impacted. Please note that the regular lanes will REMAIN OPEN.

Please keep in mind that carpoolers, buses, vanpools and motorcycles will still be allowed to use the lanes for free when the ExpressLanes open, scheduled for late 2012. Single motorists will be allowed to use the lanes for a toll — when there’s extra space in the lanes to sell. It’s part of a one-year project in partnership with the federal government to give congestion pricing a try.

The news release from Metro with more info on bus detours is after the jump.

Metro ExpressLanes Construction to Close Harbor Freeway Transitway Carpool Lanes During Late Night/Early Morning Hours effective Sunday August 7

​Due to construction scheduled to take place over the next year on the Metro ExpressLanes project to convert existing carpool lanes on the Harbor Freeway Transitway (I-110) into toll lanes, late night/early morning usage of the carpool lanes will be restricted effective Sunday, August 7.

​The carpool lanes in both directions along the Harbor Freeway Transitway will be closed to all traffic beginning Sunday, Aug. 7, 2011 through September 2012 between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., seven days a week.

​Metro bus patrons using Metro bus lines 450, 460, 550 and the Metro Silver Line will be impacted with riders using those lines needing to board and alight buses along Figueroa Street. Express zones will not be charged. Regular local fares apply while on detour. Patrons may board at the following stops:

Northbound/Inbound towards Downtown LA or El Monte

Patrons can board buses on northbound Figueroa St. at the following intersecting streets: Rosecrans Ave, Harbor Fwy Green Line Ped Xing, Imperial Hwy, Manchester Ave, Slauson Ave, and 37th St-Exposition Blvd.

Southbound/Outbound towards Artesia Transit Center or Disneyland

Patrons can board buses on southbound Figueroa St. at the following intersecting streets: Exposition Blvd-37th St, Slauson Ave, Manchester Ave, Imperial Hwy, Harbor Fwy Green Line Ped Xing, and Rosecrans Ave.

​Patrons may consider using late night Metro bus line 81 Figueroa service during these times as an additional option for travel to/from downtown Los Angeles and nearby Harbor Freeway Transitway stations.

​Metro bus patrons are advised to allow additional travel time when using late night/early morning Metro bus service that operates along the Harbor Freeway Transitway. Motorists also will not be allowed into the carpool lanes along the Harbor Freeway Transitway during late night/early morning hours but will be able to use existing mix-flow lanes adjacent to the carpool lanes.

Metro buses and motorists carpooling will be able to use the carpool lanes during morning/afternoon rush hours and midday hours into the evening hours between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. seven days a week.

During the construction phase of the ExpressLanes project, workers will be installing power and utility support units needed for the operation of dynamic message signs along the freeway corridor as well as the installation of toll transponder readers and signs to provide commuters information on the ExpressLanes and the tolls being charged to use the lanes.

​Metro, in partnership with Caltrans, is embarking on a one-year demonstration program that will covert 11 miles of existing carpool lanes on the I-110 (Harbor Freeway Transitway) between the Artesia Transit Center/182nd Street and Adams Boulevard near downtown Los Angeles and 14 miles on the I-10 (El Monte Busway) between Union Station/Alameda Street and the I-605 freeway into toll lanes.

​The program, funded under a $210 million federal grant, seeks to reduce congestion by improving travel choices along the two corridors. Solo drivers, currently not allowed to use the carpool lanes, will be allowed to use the lanes for a toll. Carpools, transit, vanpools, privately operated buses and motorcycles will travel toll free. The general purpose lanes are not tolled.

​The ExpressLanes on the I-110 freeway are expected to be completed and opened in late 2012 followed by the completion of the ExpressLanes along the I-10 freeway set to open in early 2013.

​For route and schedule information visit or call 323.GO.METRO (323-466-3876). For information on Metro’s ExpressLanes Program visit

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  1. So does this mean that the silver line will be making stops at Artesia during the reroutes?