The art of transit

photo by svenwerk, via Flickr

I like the shapes in this photo — the geometry is pleasing to the eye. Go ahead and take a guess where the photo was taken — answer is after the jump. Hint: it’s within 15 degrees of latitude of the equator. Second hint: it’s a city with a bus system that some consider one of the best in the world.

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The photo was taken in Bogata, Columbia, which is just north of the equator.

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  1. You Missed Spelled On the Word Bogata is wrong its Bogota and columbia it wrong its like saying District Of Columbia it Pronounce Colombia so Together it Pronouce Bogota,Colombia

  2. yeah, the Transmilenio is fantastic. The buses are three-segment. Think of a bendy-bendy-bus. It’s also where the ciclovia came from, which journalists seem to think they (frequently) independently discover. sigh.