Foothill Extension CEO explains selection of contractor to construct the project

Here is the email that went out this afternoon from Foothill Extension Construction Authority CEO Habib Balian to project supporters about the selection of a contractor to build the 11.5-mile line from Pasadena to Azusa:

Today, the Authority staff and evaluators had the opportunity to make the case that Kiewit Parsons was the right team to build the Pasadena to Azusa extension. The Construction Authority board of directors considered the award of the Alignment contract at today’s Special Board Meeting and unanimously concurred with my recommendation, authorizing execution of a $486 million design and construction contract with the joint-venture team. The contract will include final design and construction of all aspects of the 11.5-mile extension, with the exception of the (already underway) Iconic Freeway Structure and future station parking facilities.

The three short-listed teams vying for the project were ultimately judged equally on their technical merit and final bid price. Instead of awarding the contract to the lowest bidder, the Authority chose to use a “best value” approach, where the technical evaluations and price are judged equally. The Kiewit Parsons team was recommended for award because of their outstanding technical understanding of the project, management plan and overall best value for the Authority.

In the end, as was detailed at the board meeting today, many factors went into the technical merit side of the equation and Kiewit Parsons scored above the other two teams on every category, as well as having the lowest bid price! The Kiewit Parsons proposal was $72 million less than the next highest proposer and $123 million less than the highest price proposal.

Reaching this monumental stage, after many years is due in no small part to the many elected officials, supporters and speakers from throughout the San Gabriel Valley, many of whom attended today to speak at the meeting, including Angel Carrillo, Cynthia Kurtz, Blaine Fetter, Cliff Hamlow, representatives from local chambers, as well as members of the general public. The Authority board members recognized and thanked Metro leadership for their advice and cooperation, and Metro board members (including Metro Chairman Villaraigosa) for their leadership in keeping the Measure R promise.

The Journey Continues,

Habib F. Balian