Metrolink sets weekend ridership recording during 405 closure

Here’s the news release from Metrolink:

Los Angeles – With almost 20,000 boardings over the weekend, Metrolink experienced the highest weekend ridership it has seen in its 19 year history. This weekend’s numbers are almost 50 percent higher than the same weekend last year and 10 percent higher than the previous weekend record set when Metrolink offered train service to and from the U2 concert in Anaheim (June 17 and 18).

“The availability of public transportation during the closure of I-405 played a significant part in the increases, but there are other factors as well. The popularity of the $10 Weekend Pass (unlimited travel on Metrolink and our partners systems) and the beach trains between San Bernardino and San Clemente, all make a difference,” said Richard Katz, Metrolink Board Chair. “We hope more Southern Californians are learning about their public transportation options, whether they are travelling to work or out to play.”

Metrolink averages about 41,000 boardings on weekdays (as of May) when there are many more trains operating.

3 replies

  1. Yes, Metrolink late night service is key. And while we’re at it, there ought to be a 6:00 and 7:00 or 7:30 OC line trains on weekdays. It is outrageous that the OC departing at 6:30 is the last chance until Amtrak at 8:30, except on Fridays when Amtrak as a train departing at 7:10PM.

    Also, someway of providing Hollywood Bowl service.

  2. I was on the Amtrak Southbound out of LAUS on Fri and it was packed! More than it usually is on a Friday night. There were people standing the entire 3 hour trip to San Diego where on a typical trip the crowd clears by Irvine.

  3. I think what we are starting to see is Metrolink being used more like Metro (or like BART in the Bay Area). No longer purely for “rush-hour commuting” and thus Metrolink needs to respond as such. Especially with service along the SB, OC, & AV Lines. off rush service and Late night (especially on weekend) is sorely needed to promote this new use and bring in more new users which is who made up the record setting crowds.