L.A. City Council passes landmark bicyclist anti-harassment law

As mentioned in today’s headlines, the Los Angeles City Council took up a motion this morning “that would make it easier for cyclists who are harassed to pursue damages in civil court, where there’s a lower burden of proof than in criminal cases.”

To the applause of dozens of bike advocates in attendance, the Council approved Councilman Rosendahl’s motion by a 12 to 0 vote.

During the public comment period, many advocates recounted their harrowing experiences of harassment and injury — having objects thrown at them and vehicles honking and swerving at them — and welcomed the opportunity to seek justice.

Councilmen Ed Reyes and Tony Cardenas in particular hoped that this ordinance, combined with the city’s robust bike plan, would make the city’s streets safe for their children to ride on. For a more in-depth recap, check out the LADOT Bike Blog, which will have all the details later this afternoon.

And while were in a biking mood, here’s some good lunchtime viewing: a documentary called “Detroit Bike City,” about the culture and challenges of biking in the Motor City.

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