Latest progress report on Mulholland Bridge: southern half of bridge has been torn down and 405 may reopen early

Work on the bridge as of 8 a.m. Sunday. The photo was taken by the camera Metro is using to make a time-lapse video of the demolition work. Photo by Metro.

Here is the latest progress report on work on the Mulholland Drive Bridge over the 405:

•The southern half of the bridge has been demolished.

•Workers continue to thoroughly clean the edge of the remaining part of the bridge.

•All demolition material and dirt has been removed from the roadway surface

•Street sweeping, freeway surface cleanup and minor repairs will begin this morning.

•Kiewit, the contractor, is pleased with the progress.

In response to media queries about the possibility of the 405 reopening earlier than its scheduled reopening of 5 a.m. Monday, the office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has issued this statement:

“Yes, it looks like freeway is going to open early. However, the debris still needs to be cleaned and there still needs to be an inspection to see if any other work needs to be done on the highway. Things are still fluid, and we will have a better sense of the opening time closer to Mayor’s presser at 11 a.m.”

The mayor and other officials are holding a news conference at 11 a.m at 10:30 a.m.