405 reopens

photo by Gayle Anderson/Metro

That was the scene a little while ago as the first wave of cars traveled over the Sepulveda Pass on the southbound 405.

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  1. Its shame that any of this money was spent on the roadways that lead to more pollution and not spent on increasing and speeding up clean methods of public transportation…

  2. Ralph,

    Thanks for the information. I am a union member (non-public employee union) and our contract requires the employer to pay the employee for a day’s wages if less than 24 hours notice is given when canceling scheduled shifts/work. This is a very common part of all union contracts that I have been aware of. The amount of notification given before having to pay for scheduled work is what usually varies. I wonder how the Contractor and/or City/State got out of paying those employees if they were scheduled to work. Maybe the Police and Fire Unions don’t have this clause in their contracts and can be canceled for work with no notice thus not receiving pay.

  3. David (No last name) As I understand it, the Project would have spent $700,000 on law, fire and traffic services if the last 12 hour shift was required. So the incentive was the $700,000 saved by completing early $300,000 for the contractor, $400,000 not spent by the Project.

    David Sesma: If the bridge had been taken completely down, this would have severed Mulholland Drive at the 405 with no alternate and the Environmental Document for the project does not allow this. There was an option proposed to build a new bridge first, with a different alignment. But this proposal was not acceptable to several local groups who tried to put restrictions on the project that were not acceptable. (If you look around this site and others, I’m sure you can find more information about this.)

  4. Spending $1 billion for 10 miles is outrage.
    give 2 million to every American citizen, and buy a house a USA made car economy will be booming

  5. Is it true that Kiewit gets a $300,000 bonus for finishing early? That is what is being reported on radio. Who at MTA or Caltrans or the City agreed to that boneheaded deal (if it is true)?

  6. If they did only half the bridge why not do it all and save people the preoblem of going through it again next year.

  7. Congratulations to the residents of Los Angeles & to the construction company.