And about that bike versus plane race — it’s the bike versus transit race that’s worth watching (Update: bikers win!)

(UPDATE, 12:48 P.M.) The bikers won, making it from Burbank to the Long Beach Aquarium in 94 minutes, according to the Wolfpack Hustle cycling team.

Jet Blue’s special flight from Burbank to Long Beach — let’s call it the “Greenhouse Gas Limited” — is a couple of minutes away from taking off. The idea is to give passengers a way to avoid potential traffic from the 405 shutdown.

Meanwhile, the cyclists racing the flight have already made it from Burbank to Downey, according to the Wolfpack Hustle’s Twitter feed.

The cyclists are racing a passenger on the plane from a home in Burbank to the Long Beach Aquarium. The flight is supposed to take off from Burbank at 12:20 and arrive at the Long Beach airport at 1:05.

In other words, unless the cyclists stop for a long lunch, siesta and in-race massage, they should easily win this thing.

But there’s a twist! The cyclists are also racing some folks taking Metro Rail to Long Beach via the Red Line and Blue Line. That one is apparently close at the moment.