Officials offer last words before 405 closure, implore public again to stay off area roads

A news conference just wrapped up at the city of Los Angeles’ Emergency Operations Center about the upcoming 405 closure over the Sepulveda Pass this weekend for the partial demolition of the Mulholland Bridge.

Among the points made at the news conference:

•Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa asked the public to not drive, particularly in the areas expected to be most impacted by the closure. “It’s really going to depend upon you,” he said. “Do not get into the car and add to the traffic.”

“We can either say we survived Carmageddon or we survived the Carmageddon hype,” he added.

•The Metro Red and Purple Line subways, the Orange Line and 26 Metro bus lines are free this weekend. See this earlier post for more details.

•I don’t think there has been a planning effort of this magnitude since the Olympic games and I think it’s going to show this weekend,” said Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, whose district includes the Sepulveda Pass.

•Yaroslavsky said that anyone who is on the 405 — and they shouldn’t be unless it’s critical — to exit the freeway well before the closure and use surface streets. Exit ramps nearest the closure, he said, are expected to be among the most congested.

•Los Angeles Fire Chief Patrick Butler asked the public to be particularly attentive of emergency vehicles and to move safely and quickly to the right to allow them through, particularly in the most congested areas.

•Officials also asked those planning to attend the Galaxy-Real Madrid soccer match Saturday evening at the Coliseum to carpool, take transit or, if possible, walk to the game to help reduce traffic.

•Mike Miles, district director of Caltrans District 7, said he expected ripple effects of the closure to reach as far as the 105 freeway and the Pasadena area.

•LAPD officials said that several hundred extra police officers stationed in the area most impacted by the closure — the West Valley, Van Nuys and the Westside — to preserve quick response times.

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  1. I haven’t had such good laugh in a long time as I did today listening to the mayor and zev at their press conference today! You would have thought we were under attack from an Alien super power or something. Bless their hearts they really do enjoy playing grown up politicians.