Anyone want to host a farmer during Carmageddon?

Here’s one of the more unusual news releases I’ve seen regarding the shutdown of the 405 over the Sepulveda Pass next weekend:

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  1. @Darryl
    The reason is because those cities you mentioned all have well developed multi-modal transportation networks unlike LA. There are always transit options that roughly parallel most major arteries in those cities. Another good example is BART in the bay area. Its simple really, when the bay bridge closes, which offers almost no road based alternatives, people use BART, simple. In fact its the most simple and effective analogy for why we so desparatley need a rapid transit option (emphasize rapid) along the sepulveda pass.

  2. I cannot believe all the hellalabaloo over the stupid freeway closing for a few hours on the WEEKEND. You know other cities across the U.S. (New York, Chicago, Philly, Boston) all talk about how lame L.A. is, well this is the proof in the pudding. “I may have to cancel my wedding”, Carmaggedon, OMG What will we do??? FIND ANOTHER WAY TO GET AROUND, USE ANOTHER FREEWAY, OR BETTER YET STAY HOME!!! City of Angeles, NO, City of Airheads!!!!!!

  3. This gotta be the most hilarious thing about the I-405 closure.
    Can’t they just use the canyons like everyone else?

  4. Um… wouldn’t their produce and suchlike spoil sitting in their truck in the heat for the whole weekend?

    Unless it’s a big ol’ refrigerator truck anyway…