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Red Car #artoftransitRemember to tag your tweet pics with #artoftransit. This one of San Pedro’s classic Red Car is courtesy of @thedudeabides.


jim61773 Cosplayers on the @MetroLosAngeles subway? Why not? Thank you, cosplayers at #AX11 for your help. http://flic.kr/s/aHsjvohPrJ

thedudeabides: @metrolosangeles red car #artoftransit http://instagr.am/p/HBtW1/


ayogist wondering when the next @metrolosangeles bus is due to arrive? wonder no more: twitpic.com/5jc139

surayafadel: @metrolosangeles thank u! wonderful, clean, air conditioned ride down Ventura blvd. Been yrs! Exceeded expectations

almightyopp @almightyopp loves @metrolosangeles


SimonOh After 15 years, I have just completed traveling the entire @metrolosangeles Rail/BRT network.

ccjao Going to the @GOODLAHQ meet up tonight. Taking @MetroLosAngeles ! Ought to be a nice ride. See you there! #LA

transit_tweets: @metrolosangeles Saw more cosplay on red, blue and gold lines today.

veralusia blueline train condcutor calling out stops using his don pardo voice. bizarre, yet amusing. @metrolosangeles should hear it.

After the jump, some unhappy tweets about last week’s service changes in #MetroFail.


megachannel: @MetroLosAngeles : / 780 service doesn’t run sunday, and what was once a $1.50 trip is now $3 to The Grove..rctoorus: @metrolosangeles blunder. westbnd stops Whittier/Atlantic abandoned! no alternate. How do we connect to #Goldline #Atlanticstation via 260

bigeyedmisha: @metrolosangeles bring back the full 217 bus… we need it…this new schedule is NOT working. Not enough buses for the people who need them

Megachannel #pricesthatshockyou @metrolosangeles‘s day passes, that I can’t buy on buses, after they cut services.. *Cough cough* 217 service…

sebastian_santo: @metrolosangeles really needs to increase the frequency of 733 buses eastbound! I was just left by not one but TWO completely full buses!

shanepang: @metrolosangeles run another 4 bus. You folks are the absolute worst.

nickybourque: @metrolosangeles @MetroLibrary Los Angelenos are prohibited from having decent public transit.

RexReese@metrolosangeles Thanks for the update! I’ll be dead when Subway to the Sea is finished. Maybe they can get a Metro day pass for my ashes

jonthelam Four line 33 buses traveling in a row here on Venice Blvd. Seems a bit inefficient @metrolosangeles.

tedder42: @metrolosangeles pass machine 0113 at wilshire/vermont has a broken ‘a’ button. So only one machine is working. Long lines.

Kythera Hmm. #Nextrip seems to be out of synch… I just boarded a 108 it says is 12 minutes away, yet. #metrolosangeles

ieko1224: @metrolosangeles new game! How many operators will it take to agree to let me buy a day pass w/ cash purse TAP

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  1. The June 26th schedule has completely screwed things up for my commute pretty badly. There used to be a Culver City mall trip originating on the line 108 that made it to La Tijera on time, and in time for the 212 connection at La Brea. Now, that run has to start in Marina del Rey where it is Always 7-14 minutes late. This costs me 45 minutes in total because the next 212 arriving at Slauson is over 30 minutes away. So instead of making it to the Red Line in time for the 7:11pm trip, I have to take the 7:26 or even the 7:42 trip! A bus that is 10 minutes late can mean the difference between me getting home at 7:15 and eight o’clock at night.

    If this doesn’t get better, I am going to have to suck it up and start driving to work.