Metro buses and trains run on Sunday schedule on July 4

All Metro operated buses and Metro Rail trains will operate on a Sunday schedule on Monday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day. For route and schedule information go to or call 323.GO.METRO (323.466.3876).

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  1. Plus, you know the city makes more money handing out DUIs than the loose change it makes on bus riders.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Ashley’s comment about more buses available on holidays would cut down on the disasters of drunk drivers.

  3. Metro Rail should run 24 hrs tonight. tooooooo many drunk drivers out there!

  4. Metro should run more on holidays so families who have no car could enjoy the day off… It is not fun that we have worry and watch the bus hours late night

  5. I understand why there is less frequent service on Holidays, but what is never pointed out is that a good number of bus routes end earlier on Sundays. Holidays should have extended running hours. Some routes end at 7 on Sunday. The Sun will just be setting! Metro needs to re-look at how they handle holidays so people are encouraged to go out into the city (which will have fireworks) rather than stay home because the nearby bus ends before the sun even retires for the evening.

    On that note: better Owl Bus Service could help!! I’m not even asking for Metro Rail here, just a way to get home as oppose to being stranded in the late evening.