Best L.A. hot dogs? You tell us

The snap dog at the Dog Haus in Pasadena. Photo by Steve Hymon/Metro.

The Fourth of July weekend is a great time to discuss hot dogs. And in the search for the perfect hot dog, Los Angeles is a good place to start. L.A. consumes more hot dogs than any other city in the country, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. But where are all those fabulous dogs?

At the risk of being lynched, I’m not a fan of Pink’s hot dogs. Nor do I understand the appeal of Dodger Dogs. In Chicago, where I’m from, there is really no question about how a hot dog should be cooked, dressed and eaten. When I was growing up, the only question was which hot dog place was best: Fluky’s or Wolfy’s? [Source Editor’s note: Steve Hymon would vote for Super Dawg as Chicago’s best].

So it was a sweet surprise when I sampled the Chicago Dog from Fab Hot Dogs at 19417 1/2 Victory Blvd. in Reseda (Metro Local lines 164 on Victory Blvd. and 242 on Tampa). Perfectly cooked, steamed bun, day-glo relish, tomato, peppers, pickle, mustard. There’s nothing left to say except, “Get on the bus and go there!” (Specifically, if you’re from Chicago.) They have lots of other kinds of dogs, but why would anyone want one?

Lately hot dog fans have been arguing the merits of the relatively new New York transplant Papaya King, 1645 Wilcox Ave. in Hollywood (Metro Red Line, either Hollywood/Vine or Hollywood/Highland). It’s good like a New York hot dog cart dog should be. And that’s saying something. But is it fantastic? You tell us.

Another newcomer to the area: The Dog Haus in Pasadena, 105 N. Hill Ave – a one-block walk from the 780 Rapid bus stop at the corner of Hill and Colorado Boulevard. This place is the real deal and do not skip the tots, lovingly pictured above.

Any other hot dog suggestions? Share your recs at: or by filling in the blanks here.

And be frank.

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  1. The street dogs in Highland Park are the best hot dogs in L.A. You can locate them off of Figueroa Street or York Blvd in Highland Park as well as other near by areas such as Downtown L.A.

    • I agree. Street dogs can be the best. But what are the best add ons at these places? Anything unusual and interesting that we might not think to ask for?

  2. Dog Haug is definitely good for dogs AND burgers too… I’ll recommend Wurstkuche in downtown for your exotic dogs like rattlesnake and alligator. Just a short walk from the Gold Line Little Tokyo station near the Arts’District.

  3. The Hot Dogge Shoppes in Temecula and Corona, and as of August 1, Lakewood gives the largest selection of hot dogs, brats, sausages and you name it. Best of Inland Empire, soon to be best of LA County.

  4. I’m glad you prominently mentioned Dog Haus… they’re my new favorite place to eat! Slaw Dogs is really good too, but I have to give my vote to Dog Haus.

  5. Don’t forget Slaw Dogs in Pasadena, accessible by Metro lines 180 and 485 as well as Metro Gold Line by a few blocks.

  6. As I posted on Facebook, nothing comes close to a Tommy’s chili dog… with a handful of yellow chiles on the side.