Video: “Metro Song” a humorous hip-hop ode to the D.C. subway

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Here’s a fun transit diversion for your Thursday afternoon. The “Metro Song” is a humorous hip-hop take on the Washington D.C. subway system.

The video pokes fun at the little problems transit commuters face – a nice reminder that all transit systems have their issues, and all transit riders have their complaints.

My favorite verse, about the seemingly endless struggle to keep subway escalators running:

We sent a man to the moon
brought him back two weeks later
apparently not as long as it takes
to fix an escalator

And while this video might not be a ringing endorsement of public transit (although I think there’s love behind every jab), it might inspire transit filmmakers to take the humorous route in our Transit Flicks Video Contest.

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  1. And someday, you’ll explain to us why the escalator(s) at the LA Metro Chinatown Gold Line Station are being replaced after only 8 years in service?