Erik Estrada’s PSA for the upcoming 405 closure

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  1. Why didn’t he point out that Sepulveda will be kept clear for buses, emergency vehicles, and residents only? And that the 761 line will be running additional buses along Sepulveda for a lightning-fast traffic-free trip? And that special direct buses will be running to convey medical workers from parking lots in the Valley to hospitals on the Westside?

    Oh, right, because Metro hasn’t decided to do any of that. Last I heard, they planned to leave Sepulveda open to general traffic, meaning that not only will Sepulveda be clogged and useless, but nearby streets will be packed with cars lined up to get onto Sepulveda, screwing up traffic all over the Valley and Westside.

    Come on, Metro, it’s long past time for you to announce plans to take advantage of Sepulveda during the construction. You need to firm up your plans, and start publicizing them NOW.