Patsaouras Transit Plaza (Union Station) and Artesia Transit Center bus bay reassignments

Along with the new bus schedules, several bus lines will move to different bus bays within Patsaouras Transit Plaza at Union Station and at the Artesia Transit Center.  These changes are being made to accommodate new service entering and to improve bus operations.

Patsaouras Transit Plaza (Union Station) Changes

  • Bay 1: Metro 439; AVTA 785; Santa Clarita 794; OCTA 701
  • Bay 2: LADOT DASH D
  • Bay 3: LADOT Commuter Express 431, 534, Bunker Hill Shuttle; Dodger Stadium Express
  • Bay 4: USC Shuttles (UPC, HSC, ICS); Foothill Transit 699
  • Bay 5: Metro 40/42, 442, 704, 740
  • Bay 6: Metro 728, 733
  • Bay 7: Metro 485, 745
  • Bay 8: Unused
  • Bay 9: LAX FlyAway; Mt St Mary’s Shuttle

Notable changes: Metro Rapid 704 & 728 will now serve the Plaza and NOT Cesar E Chavez/Vignes.  Metro Local 40/42 will now serve the Plaza while continuing to serve Cesar E Chavez/Vignes.  Foothill Transit 699 has moved from Bay 7 to Bay 4.  AVTA 785 has moved from Bay 4 to Bay 1.

Artesia Transit Center Changes

  • Bay 1: Carson North/South Shuttle (unchanged)
  • Bay 2: Torrance Transit 6 (East), Metro 130 (East), Metro 205 (North)
  • Bay 3: Metro 52, 352
  • Bay 4: Metro 130 (West), Metro 344
  • Bay 5: Torrance Transit 1 (North), Metro 550 (North)
  • Bay 6: Metro 450 (North), Metro Silver Line
  • Bay 7: Discharge Only
  • Bay 8 & 9: Metro Silver Line Discharge
  • Bay 10: Metro 246, Metro 450 (South), Metro 550 (South)
  • Bay 11: Torrance Transit 6 (West), Metro 205 (South)
  • Bay 12: Torrance Transit 1 (South)

Hat tip to reader Brad who emailed us and left a comment reminding us of the Artesia Transit Center reassignments. Click through the jump for a map of the reassignments.

Artesia Transit Center bus bay reassignments

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3 replies

  1. I like having Greyhound at El Monte station. It’s convenient for making connections to and from local transit. Calling it a competitor to Metro doesn’t make sense to me, because taking Greyhound to other points within LA is much more expensive than Metro and I doubt people use it that much for those kinds of trips when they can take the Silver Line or something. And it’s not like you can take Metro to Las Vegas or some other long-distance destination…

  2. I would like to state that I think calling Metro employees “moron” is quite harsh.

    Many of us appreciate having Metro availible to take us to work, shopping, appointments and to fun!! We are thankful foR all that Metro does and provides to LA County.

    Unfortunately not every decision is pleasing to everyone. Overall I am happy with the system and excited for the future of transportation in LA County. GO METRO!!

  3. There was apparently a bus bay reassignment at the Norwalk Station, regarding Line 577X (to which new bus bay, I am not sure). Additionally, El Monte Station could use some “bus bay” reassignments that: 1.) Allow the 267 and 268 Lines to come inside El Monte Station (as the Line 287 now does!), and 2.) GETTING RID OF GREYHOUND, as it is STUPID for a competitor to the MTA to be given space inside a MTA bus terminal! Finally, having a bus bay for “Discharge” and “Overflow” makes NO SENSE AT ALL! Who is the MORON that came up with the El Monte Bus Bay assignments?