Reminder: new bus schedules start Sunday

On Sunday, June 26 Metro’s bi-annual service changes go into effect.

As a result, a number of bus lines will be affected including: 2/302, 4, 20, 26, 94/794, 96/155, 176/287, 180, 205, 207, 210, 217, 230/634, 247, 442, 445, 450x, 485, 487, 577, 612, 751, 757, 760, 902, Silver Line, 40/42, 704 and 728.

All timetables have been updated on as well as on Google Transit.

For a complete list of major changes and alternatives, please visit this page.

Update: And as commenter Alex reminds us, many bus lines have slight schedule adjustments, so please make sure to consult the updated timetables.

Update: the table previously attached this post was not loading links properly. Please visit this page on to view the list of changes and alternatives.

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  1. I’m SO discourage that the 794 will no longer run on weekends!! Awful.

  2. Cutting the 217 is so disappointing.. I now have to take 2 buses. Also after 7pm the 217 was packed enough in the first place. with the cutting of buses we will packed in like sardines and it takes longer.. I really want to take public transportation, but you sure are making it difficult to use it.. you will get more riders with a simple and consistent bus system.. and by the way Google maps has not updated the new schedule, yesterday it still had 217 bus going to Vermont/ Sunset station. I wish…

  3. I am very upset and disappointed with Metro for removing the #247 route, which confused many customers today, will continue to confuse customers in the future, and make it harder for San Pedro, Wilmington, and Carson residents to get where they need to go in a timely manner. As a result I will be bike riding more and taking the bus less. MTA, you are the ONLY company I know of that removes lines and actually EXPECTS RIDERSHIP TO INCREASE. I am a businessman myself and if you want to increase business, it is your responsibility to INCREASE incentive for your customers to do business with you, not DECREASE it. First the ridiculous run to Harbor Freeway on the weekends and now this. Really not smart, at ALL.


    Andrew Brooks

  4. I’ve seen many confused patrons today at the Artesia Transit Center.. It would have been nice to see a post on the dramatic bay reassignments that took place today.

    For those who are lost, here’s a list of the new assignments:

    Bay 1: Carson North/South Shuttle (unchanged)
    Bay 2: Torrance Transit 6 (East), Metro 130 (East), Metro 205 (North)
    Bay 3: Metro 52, 352
    Bay 4: Metro 130 (West), Metro 344
    Bay 5: Torrance Transit 1 (North), Metro 550 (North)
    Bay 6: Metro 450 (North), Metro Silver Line
    Bay 7: Discharge Only
    Bay 8 & 9: Metro Silver Line Discharge
    Bay 10: Metro 246, Metro 450 (South), Metro 550 (South)
    Bay 11: Torrance Transit 6 (West), Metro 205 (South)
    Bay 12: Torrance Transit 1 (South)

    If you need a visual..

  5. Cutting the 217 is discouraging, and the new schedule isn’t updated on the site. Please update the schedule to June 26, 2011.

  6. Metro, I’m probably in the minority but for me the new schedule works out better. I would get off work at 6:00 pm at get to the Artesia transit center at 6:15 and have to wait almost 25 minutes until 6:38 for the Silver Line to downtown L.A and now with the new schedule there is a Silver Line comes at 6:20, thus I’ll be home 20 Minutes earlier …..thanks

  7. None of the links to the changed bus lines are working. This is the error message on every one of them:

    The page isn’t redirecting properly

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept

    It would be nice if you checked to see if the links were working before you publish these things. Makes MTA look like idiots.

  8. Dear metro I am seriously annoyed by these little changes bi-annually. I saw the new timetables and sadly I get 2 buses and now i noticed I will not only have to leave earlier than 5 50 am but now I will also have to wait more than 20 minutes to catch the second bus which will cause me to be late which makes me upset and not want to ride the bus anymore. Every 6 months I always have to memorize new time schedules and it’s very upsetting. By the time I finally get comfortable with the bus times you go ahead and change the times. Not to mention the fact that you always are moving the bus drivers around. I had finally got used to seeing my bus driver and trusting him by knowing he would get me to my destination safely and on time you go and move him. It makes me so sad metro please fix this or else you will loose more riders. It would be nice if every bus driver would go back to their same bus route and stay there for more than half the year at least is riders really look forward to getting in the bus to a familiar face than a stranger so please fix that. I know they can’t stay at the same route forever but don’t change them so frequently please. I want my bus driver back!! Thank you.

  9. These changes are the only ones that are big enough to show, but all riders really need to see their own individual lines they ride as they have changed as well. I was upset when I happen to download a few other lines to make sure nothing has changed, and they took away service without even telling the public, so thanks metro as always for ruining most of LA riders routines, and how easier is all of this gonna make us.? It seemed it was getting easier, now it seems as if its getting tougher, we just need to make more connections. I miss the old CEO, he seemed to get things moving, now were just being stalled with this new CEO. Art, you need to figure out your plan faster, your still stalling and there’s no solving of this problem yet, come on… let’s get LA moving like you promised!