Transit-oriented Spielbergs take note, Transit Flicks Video Contest is back

Faye Kingslee’s “Heartbeat of L.A.” (above) took grand prize in last year’s Transit Flicks Video Contest with its pristine production, easy-on-the-eyes actors and charming story about finding love on the Metro subway.

Transit Flicks is back for another year and transit savvy auteurs are invited to get their cameras rolling for a chance to win a year of free transit. That’s right, best picture gets an EZ transit pass good for one year – that’s $1,008 worth of unlimited rides on participating transit systems in Los Angeles.

What is a Transit Flick? It’s a two-minute (maximum) video that explains how transit helps and encourages others to try it. That doesn’t mean we’re looking for a dry Power Point presentation with bullet lists and clip art. This is a chance to get creative and have some fun! Entries will be judged on their originality, believability and how well they promote public transit.

We received some great entries last year, and I’m hoping to see even better productions this year. After all, video equipment keeps getting cheaper and more accessible – many people now have phones that double as video cameras, so there’s no excuse not to enter. In fact, I’d like to see budding directors use our “art of transit” series as inspiration and produce some visually stunning video submissions that put the static pictures we’ve been posting to shame.

The entry deadline is September 2, so get those camera’s rolling. Learn more at:

After the jump, I’ve scoured the net for some inspirational and stylish transit videos to get the creative juices flowing, check them out!

Boyle Heights by Allen Colombo

Los Angeles Subway by Mike Burch

Surface Pressure by Keith Lancaster

Gold Line by Dan Bartolucci