Metro Board approves free subway and Orange Line service during 405 closure weekend

As expected, the Metro Board of Directors on Thursday approved free fares on the Red and Purple Line subway and the Orange Line busway for July 16 and 17, the weekend that the 405 freeway will be closed over the Sepulveda Pass for the partial demolition of the Mulholland Bridge.

The Board also gave Metro CEO Art Leahy the authority to offer free rides on other Metro bus and rail lines in the transit system, if he deems it necessary upon further examination. Metro will keep the public updated about any of those decisions.

I know that many readers have asked about 761 Rapid Bus service on the weekend of the closure. When we have solid information from Metro officials, we’ll pass it along.

In other Board actions today:

*Diane DuBois was elected the Board’s second vice chair. L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will take over as Board Chair on July 1. He will be followed by Supervisor Mike Antonovich and then DuBois.  

*The Board also reaffirmed its selection last month of the 7.7-mile option for the Wilshire bus lanes project. The L.A. City Council last week also selected the 7.7-mile option but in a resolution asked the Metro Board to reconsider and instead opt for the 8.7-mile option that would have included bus lanes in the Condo Canyon section of Westwood. The Board today declined to do so.

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  2. Doubt the 761 will be in service during the closure.. only way around will be Orange Line to Red Line to Wilshire Vermont to the 720 to Westwood.. We will see though..

  3. Thanks for the update. Good to see that the orange line bus will be included as well. I’m glad metro is considering other bus and rail lines too. Hopefully we’ll see some 761 service play out. That would be a true lifeline during the closure. However its disappointing to see that the 8.7 mile option was declined as that would have further maximized dedicated space for transit and we need as much of that as we can get in this city.