Transportation headlines, Wednesday, June 22

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Right track for Los Angeles is light rail (Daily News)

Columnist Doug McIntyre relaxes on a train on the East Coast and decides a rail line through/over the Sepulveda Pass is the best way to help Valley commuters. Interesting talk from the Daily News, which at times has expressed serious skepticism over a Westside subway.

Divided L.A. Council can’t decide on red light cameras (L.A. Times)

No surprise here. The Council couldn’t decide whether to resurrect the red light cameras or get rid of them, as recommended by the city’s Police Commission. It’s rather amazing that it’s 2011 and the nation’s second-largest city is still discussing how to grapple with a serious public safety issue such as this. I covered one of the Council’s previous red light camera discussions and it was a lobbyistpalooza.

In London, bike commuters now the majority in some places (Grist)

There’s still plenty of cars in London, but there has also been a steady uptick in the number of cyclists on some routes. This has led to a backlash against cyclists, often for the way they ride — sometimes carelessly — and to some extent because cyclists tend to be young and hip and trying to buck against the mainstream idea that you have to have a car to survive.