Take a virtual flight over the Expo Line

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Still having trouble visualizing the exact route of Expo Line Phase I and II? Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the passion of transit geeks, a virtual flyover over the entire line has been produced.

Using Google Earth satellite imagery, YouTube user ExpoLineFan really puts the route into context with the city we know and love. Google’s data is very up to date, so much of the completed Phase 1 construction can be seen, from the trench at USC to the aerial station at La Cienaga Blvd.

It’s interesting to see how the route interacts with the street and the sheer amount of ground the entire line spans. Another thing I noticed: a good chunk of Phase II is separated from the street (especially between National/Palms and Westwood) and I imagine that means the train will really be able to get up to speed in those areas.

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