A distracted driving reminder

In case you need a reminder that you’re endangering the lives of others when screwing around with your cell phone when behind the wheel, then check out the above, courtesy of the folks from Pixar.

Too bad the video doesn’t also tackle the issue of distracted walking: I can’t begin to count how many pedestrians I see walking across the street while thumbing away on their phones. Really? You’re “what are you wearing?” text can’t wait another 10 seconds? Same applies to people walking around train platforms texting and with headphones on.

By the way, you can screw around with your cell phone all you want when riding transit. You may not always get a signal — hey AT&T, you do know Highland Park exists, right? — but there’s always off-line distractions, too.

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  1. I ride a motorcycle home from MTA and I always see people texting and talking on the phone.Motorcycles are a part of traffic not the pavement !!!! Get off your stupid phones i bet if it was one of your loved ones on a bike you sure would know how it feels.