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In this video I go over how to add a TAP card bought from a ticket vending machine (TVM) to This is one of the most common questions we get about TAP, and admittedly it’s not as obvious as it should be – but it is really easy.

This step-by-step video will show you the whole process, but you can also just follow the steps listed after the jump.

How to add a TAP card to

1. Purchase TAP from Ticket Vending Machine (TVM)

2. Visit

3. Sign in with User ID and Password (or sign up as a new user if it’s your first time at the site)

4. Choose “Balance Protection” from the “Quick Links” menu

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to input your TAP card number into the system (your TAP card number is located on the lower right hand side on the back of your card)

6. Click submit and enjoy the ability to add value and track your usage online.

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  1. Whoa….please tell me I saw what I think I saw: We can load monetary value on the Tap Card instead of full passes that expire. I am a user of the MTA trains but I don’t use them on a regular basis. Just enough to need something like a Tap Card with an amount I can keep track of. I saw at the Hollywood/Highland station that I could put $10 or $20 on the card for future use. How wonderful! No change! I looked on the website to add some money to my card. BOO! Passes only. I’ll have to walk down to the station to add cash value. Also, you need to be a bit more specific about something like this. Someone like me might ride more often with this option.

    • Hi Cricket, you should be able to add value to your TAP card online if you follow the instructions on the video tutorial to register your card. From there it’s simply a matter of clicking Fare Products > Already Have a TAP Card > Add Stored Value. You can choose the amount you’d like to add and checkout as you would any other online store. Keep in mind that there’s a latency period of 12 hours before the value added online shows up on your card at Metro Rail stations and up to 48 hours before it shows up on Metro bus fareboxes.

      Perhaps a video tutorial is in order for this as well. If there’s any more confusion, please let us know specifically and we’ll do our best to clarify.

      Fred Camino
      Contributor, The Source

  2. I got a free TAP card from a bus driver when they were first introduced and later registered at But, when I logged in to the site later, I found that the card wasn’t listed under the My Cards section of my profile information. I have tried many times to add the card with no success. I keep getting an error message that says the card with that number can’t be found. I finally tried to register again with a different user ID and password, but got a similar error message. (I have never had any trouble using day passes I have gotten on the card from bus drivers.) Is there anything I can do for it to be recognized or do I have to get another TAP card?