Transportation headlines, Friday, June 10

Angels Flight shut down by inspectors over damaged wheels (L.A. Times)

After being open for a little more than a year, Angels Flight – the short funicular railway in downtown Los Angeles – has been shut down again due to signs of deterioration on the wheels of the rail cars. Those familiar with the railway recall that it was out of service for much of the last decade after a fatal accident due to brake failure. Hopefully Angels Flight is able to fix the issue – the railway is a charming attraction and a great piece of L.A. history.

Are the Millennials driving downtown corporate relocations? (The New Republic)

After decades of major corporations moving their headquarters to low-rise suburban office parks, it looks like the trend is reversing. Companies are relocating to central cities across the country because that’s where America’s emerging workforce of Millennials (those born between 1980 and the early 2000’s) want to be. As someone who just makes the cut as a Millennial I can say this doesn’t surprise me – I grew up in low-rise auto-centric suburban America and as an adult have ultimately rejected that lifestyle. It seems as if I’m not alone, and corporate America wants to bank on that.

Is L.A.’s public transit a a joke? This comedian sure hopes so (GOOD LA)

Here’s a great example of a Millennial who’s rejected the car culture. Kristina Wong is an L.A. comedian who lives in high-density and transit accessible Koreatown without a car and her experiences have become the source for her comedy act. One of Kristina’s jokes mocks the complexity of navigating L.A.’s many municipal transit operators. The punchline: “As you can see, it’s a really easy system to understand.”

Commuter tool kit: The 405 Project (NBC LA)

NBC LA has put together a nice list of links to keep commuters in the loop about the 405 project and the July 15th-18th weekend closure of the freeway.