The art of transit


photos by Chris Valle, via his Flickr page and photography website

The top photo is of the 105-405 interchange, the photo below of the 105-110 junction. From a transportation standpoint, they are two of the busier interchanges in the region — the Green Line passes through both — and the assortment of sky-high ramps connecting the 105-110 manage to be iconic, brilliant and kinda scary.

From a photography standpoint, I like the very different approach Chris took to shooting these photos — above, we get a lot of sky and the sun being screened by a ramp. Below, he found the perfect spot to convey the geometry of the interchange. Chris, by the way, is a local pro shooter and I encourage you to check out his website if you’re interested in photography.

To submit a photo for the Art of Transit, post it to Metro’s Flickr group, email it to or Tweet it to @metrolosangeles with an #artoftransit hashtag. Many of the photos we’ve featured can be seen in these galleries on Flickr.

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