Go Metro map gets interactive

The iconic Go Metro map featuring Metro’s rail and bus rapid transit lines just got an interactive upgrade. Point your browser to http://www.metro.net/interactives/go_metro/ to check it out (note: it’s a Flash map so it won’t work on iDevices).

Go Metro Interactive map

So what makes this interactive map so interactive? Clicking on stations reveals a box filled with useful information about parking, bike facilities and local transit connections. It’s also integrated with Google Maps so you can check out the street view of a particular station or open up a full fledged Google Map for trip planning and more.

My favorite feature is the Yelp integration. Each station has a link to Yelp reviews of nearby restaurants and more. Clever, and useful for locals and tourists alike.

Keep in mind, like many of Metro’s web initiatives, the map is a work and progress and there are more bells and whistles in the works. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments.

View the rest of Metro’s system maps here: http://www.metro.net/around/maps/

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  1. I love how people that don’t use public transportation operate a public transportation agency.

    • That’s simply not true. You may not like how they operate it, but many of them do ride the buses and trains.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. The “map” for El Monte Station STILL REFLECTS THE OLD STATION (upper level!) that was TORN DOWN 6 months ago! Nothing referred to regarding the two current “islands” of the “Temporary Terminal” nor the “new” El Monte Station under construction!

  3. I think their is alot metro could do to draw more customers to the silver line.

    1) Add sound barriers on all the freeway stations. I believe the 37th/USC station is getting trial barriers sometime soon

    2) Add TVM at all the stations so it feels like its part of the fixed guide way network and to allow faster boarding.

    3) Streamline the fare structure. Right now the $2.45 is a deterrent for low income people to consider using the line. Im pretty sure potential riders from the Vermont or Broadway rapids would take this faster service if it were not for the price. If Metro can charge $1.50 for riding a train in the freeway i don’t think charging $1.50 for a BRT in a freeway is unreasonable

    4) Add a station or two between the CSULA station and El monte station on the El Monte Busway. That whole segment of the San Gabriel Valley does not have easy access to the Silver Line.

    Side note: Metro is already planning on adding 15 min midday headways on the Harbor Transitway portion of the Silver Line this month so that is one improvement to get people to consider using the service.

  4. @Thomas Baer: I agree with you. Many people are not aware the silver line exists at all… Metro should consider having a opening ceremony of the silver line so that passengers cam become aware of the line.

  5. The effort needs to start somewhere regarding the system. Best place to start is where there is success.

    I have driven by the Silver Line on the 110, and it was basically empty.

    Just saying.

  6. Awesome job, guys.

    Minor semantics suggestion: rename the “Street View” button. Most web users, I’d imagine, would expect this would go to Google Street View (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Street_View), but instead it really means zoom to a view of the street from overhead. So I’d name it something with zoom in the title, like “Zoom here” (that’s what Google calls its Google Maps feature to zoom in on the map from a popup marker).

    And +1 for Chris’ HTML5 idea for the next version.

  7. Why are the Metro Silver Line street stops ignored??????? Metro should consider adding information about the street stops!

  8. Nice!

    Feature request for v2: HTML5 support for iOS and other non-flash browsers/devices.

  9. The Parking information on this interactive map is very redundant

    For Example

    Park n Ride Lot: Y/N
    Parking: Free:Y/N |Paid: Y/N
    Parking Spaces: X amount

    Would this information be better presented like this

    Parking: Free:0-X amount |Paid:0-Y amount

    A zero in both free and paid parking would imply their is no park and ride lot

  10. The Silver Line On-Street Stops would’ve been nice to have… Also, when you click on the 7th/Metro station circle pertaining to the Red/Purple Line it does not mention a connection with the Silver Line, while the Blue Line station circle for 7th/Metro does…