T-minus 36 days to full 405 closure over Sepulveda Pass

Look at this fun little tool to help remind everyone about the upcoming full closure of the 405 freeway over the Sepulveda Pass beginning late Friday, July 15, until early Monday, July 18 in order to partially demolish the Mulholland Bridge.

You can grab the code for the above widget here if you want to install on your own website.

Here’s a recent news release about the closure and here’s coverage of Monday’s news conference in which public officials begged motorists to plan ahead for the closure and avoid driving in the area.

And here’s the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project website for more info about the project, which is adding a northbound carpool lane to the 405, rebuilding on- and off-ramps to the freeway and widening and making seismic fixes to bridges over the 405.

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  1. Will the 761 be running on Sepulveda during the freeway closure? If so, would you consider adding extra buses and advertising that the 761 is a good way to travel between West LA and the Valley?

    It sounds like you’ll be keeping Sepulveda open for residents only, so bus trips should be nice and fast and traffic-free. It would be great if some drivers could be enticed out of their cars during the closure; perhaps they might keep riding the 761 even after the freeway reopens.