Metro home page wins L.A. Weekly award

The folks running Metro’s website deserve a pat on the back. L.A. Weekly has announced the 2011 winners for its Los Angeles Web Awards, and Metro took home honors for “Best Home Page.” Here’s their take:

Three members of Metro's web team: From left, Omark Holmes, Senior Marketing & Communications Officer (Customer Communications); Lan-Chi Lam, Web Design & Strategy Manager, and; Doug Goodwin, Lead Developer, Creative Services.

Need to make the switch to public transportation but feel like you have no understanding as to how the Metro system works? Metro’s website is a ridiculously user-friendly portal into the world of public transportation. Use it to plan trips, keep updated on traffic and even check out the Metro Art program.

These accolades come on the heels of 2009’s award for “L.A.’s Best Government Site.” Kudos especially for jumping out of the government category and into the mainstream.

Congratulations to Metro’s web team and all the departments that contribute information to the homepage: Trip Planning from Customer Relations, Blog Headlines by Media Relations, Service Alerts and Planned Service Advisories by Service Planning & Development, Destination Discounts by Customer Services, and weekly featured content by Communications.

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  1. And kudos to Metro’s graphics department. The graphics are uniform in style across all Metro communications, instantly recognizable, easy to understand without being dumbed down, and attractive.