Video: multimodal chaos in NYC

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Roads that are safe for all modes of transport – automobiles, bikes and pedestrians – can prove to be a real challenge. While it’s common to blame whatever mode you’re not using for transgressions in safety, the above video proves that all mode users are guilty of breaking the rules in attempt to save a little time.

Aside from its clever use of graphics, this video serves as a reminder of how we each need to take responsibility for our safety on the streets, and that the rules are there to be followed. Is it really worth endangering your life and the lives of others just to shave a few seconds from your commute?

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  1. Except for a couple of drivers, almost all the dangerous behavior in this video is caused by a) cyclists weaving in and out of traffic, or going against traffic, and b) pedestrians crossing against the light. Almost all of the cars are following traffic rules.

    The video’s claim “Car culture has ruled NYC since the late 1950s” is wrong. I am from NYC and lived in the area for years, and visited NYC several times a year. It was an established tradition 40 years ago that pedestrians in Manhattan ruled, that you crossed against the light if you could get away with it, and dodging cars was part of the rules – and drivers knew that too. According to the video, this seems to still be the case.

    I’m a cyclist, but the dangerous cyclists in this video should be ticketed. They need to treat their interactions with pedestrians as a dance, not as an assault.