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hnjohnso The design of the @metrolosangeles 7th/metro station is awkward if you have one way and want to go from red to blue line. Are you supposed to exit to buy a ticket and then go back in to transfer trains? In the same station? So dumb. #metrolosangeles

helloitsmike Speechless. The 232 bus driver just got off the bus and went into starbucks. Mid-route. Unbelievable. @metrolosangeles

LovesToNomNom Packed like sardines on the @metrolosangeles Orange Line. Hold on tight!

tylerbhenson Hate it when @metrolosangeles buses stay at a stop forever and go 2 mph bc we’re ahead of schedule! Heaven forbid we be early! #fail

jeffhort: @metrolosangeles #fail What’s next for Leimert? RT @mridleythomas http://1.usa.gov/ju1oK8


GabyRed Thank You @metrolosangeles for the new Nextrip service!! It has helped me A LOT!!

synonympho En route to an audition via @metrolosangeles. Feels like I’m back in NYC!

tracktwentynine: One of the things I like about following @metrolosangeles is their daily transpo picture. Something to think about, @metroopensdoors?


classical_pm: @metrolosangeles Ooo, my cube’s missing its insert. This can only mean one thing: Nextrip inserts! http://twitpic.com/55rc9z

hnjohnso Mozilla crashed and messed up the display at @metrolosangeles MacArthur park station. Lol. http://twitpic.com/58cx9p

misslisagfrench all right, @metrolosangeles you & me are gonna get reacquainted tomorrow morning. i’ll bring a book & a killer soundtrack.

bajyllionth @ExpoLine @metrolosangeles Sure is taking forever; can’t wait til it’s done!!! 30 years overdue in my humble opinion.






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2 replies

  1. Yep, what Jason said. Drivers are not *supposed* to leave early from stops.

    I love the Starbucks one though, ha. When I was surveying for another transit provider, there was a driver who would ALWAYS stop to grab a newspaper…

  2. “tylerbhenson Hate it when @metrolosangeles buses stay at a stop forever and go 2 mph bc we’re ahead of schedule! Heaven forbid we be early! #fail”

    Metro Drivers are not allowed to be ahead of schedule. They can be on time or late, but never early. If the bus is early,someone would also complain on twitter that they missed the bus because it was early.