Metro’s PSA for 405 Sepulveda Pass closure in July

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  1. Two teensie critiques:

    1) I don’t know how much you want to be reminding people that Metro is having this project built (as opposed to just reminding people that it’s happening) and that tax money is paying for it, since it’s been dubbed things like “carmageddon”.

    2) No mention of transit as a commute alternative in this PSA.

    • Hi Chewie;

      It’s a multi-year, billion-dollar-plus project and for that very reason I want to inform people that Metro is the lead agency on the project.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. Maybe the Source can change it’s name to the 405 closure update every hour PR machine.

    • Hi Dude Abides;

      It’s my job to inform the taxpayers who fund Metro of major service issues. Among those: informing them early and often of a closure of a route used by hundreds of thousands of people. If the Red Line or all Wilshire buses were going to be shut down for an entire weekend — and we knew of the closure in advance — I would do the same thing.

      I also think your comment speaks to a larger issue. The Source is not written and produced exclusively for a small, select group of transit enthusiasts. It’s an attempt to reach the many thousands of people who ride buses and trains operated by Metro or are impacted by this agency’s involvement in commuter rail and/or road projects.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. @Chewie
    I guess “plan ahead” could be construed as taking mass transit since many non transit folks believe planning in advance is always necessary every time before taking mass transit.

  4. Will the 761 be running on Sepulveda during the freeway closure? If so, would you consider adding extra buses and advertising that the 761 is a good way to travel between West LA and the Valley?

    It sounds like you’ll be keeping Sepulveda open for residents only, so bus trips should be nice and fast and traffic-free. It would be great if some drivers could be enticed out of their cars during the closure; perhaps they might keep riding the 761 even after the freeway reopens.

  5. Instead of adding one extra carpool lane with taxpayer money and spending billions of dollars why not BUILD A LIGHT RAIL LINE FROM THE SF VALLEY TO LAX/SOUTH BAY???, this would be more effective in the LONG TERM,most traffic on the 405 comes from LAX and the westside. We need a better mass transit system in LA that would meet the needs of its people.