Transportation headlines, Thursday, June 2

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Angeles Crest Highway reopens on Friday (Monrovia Patch)

Parts of Highway 2 have been closed since late summer 2009 when the Station Fire roared across the San Gabriel Mountains. The reopening of this stretch of road above La Canada provides the easiest access to Mt. Wilson and hiking trails in some of the spectacular high country beyond. A lot of people — I imagine — will be visiting the forest in coming weeks to see firsthand the effects of the fire. The U.S. Forest Service and Caltrans say that much of the road had to be completely rebuilt after hillsides lacking vegetation — it burned — collapsed.

MacArthur Park subway-adjacent residences rising fast (Curbed LA)

The apartment building with affordable units — Metro is a partner in the development — is taking shape next to the subway station. The first phase will have 90 units in a part of town where transit-oriented development hasn’t been happening since the subway opened in 1993. Curbed has a bunch of pics — check it out.

Closeup: April’s tornado outbreaks (New York Times Dot Earth blog)

The big question to which no one has a credible answer yet: has global warming sparked the extreme weather across the U.S. this spring? Andrew Revkin talks to some climate scientists, who say there are still big knowledge gaps to be filled. What’s this have to do with transportation? The transportation sector — including all those cars and trucks on the road — is a significant greenhouse gas contributor in the U.S.