The art of transit

photo by Friend of Expo Line, via Flickr

Nope, it’s not abandoned tracks through, say, rural Maine. It’s the abandoned tracks through West L.A. that will soon be home to phase two of the Expo Line Line between Culver City and Santa Monica. The shot shows the stretch of track between the Santa Monica Freeway undercrossing and Overland Avenue. Check out more Expo photos at Friend of Expo Line’s Flickr photostream.

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5 replies

  1. It does look beautiful, but the beautiful foliage along the Gold Line in NELA and South Pasadena seems to be the cause for the annual service disruptions due to landslides, windstorms, tree trunks falling, etc.

  2. I hope Expo Authority will try to keep as much as the foliage as possible. It would be a shame to see it all cleared out. With it this could be one of the best segments to ride through. A reminder of why its better to take the train rather than sit in traffic on the 10.

  3. Almost everywhere in Los Angeles County, the abandoned railroad rights-of-way seem to have only ONE track; a lot of parallel real estate usually adjoins it along the routes! I never cease to wonder why railroads had been built that way, to begin with? (Would you have an explanation for that, Mr. Hymon?)

  4. How are we looking at resolving getting the Expo Line under the 10 freeway?? Does that underpass have to be completely revamped??

    • Hi Ryan,

      From the phase two FEIR:

      “The alignment would then cross under the I-10 Freeway through the existing box structure. The width and height of the box structure is adequate to accommodate a two-track alignment. Only minor modification of the box would should be needed to accommodate the LRT infrastructure. New wing walls would be constructed and tied into the existing box.”

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source