Other Board actions taken today

Two loose ends from today’s Board of Directors meeting:

•The Board approved rolling passes for TAP cards — meaning that weekly and monthly passes will be good seven and 30 days from the time they’re purchased instead of being tied to the calendar. Metro’s target date to begin such sales is Aug. 1. Staff report

•The Board also approved plan to distribute transponders for the ExpressLanes congestion pricing project on parts of the 10 and 110 freeways. The big to-do in this item is that transponders will be available through AAA, making it easier for motorists to get them. Earlier Source post

3 replies

  1. Instead of making the rolling passes valid from the time they’re purchased, how about letting people select the start date from a calendar on the TAP website? Then they can buy one a few days or longer in advance and avoid the situation the first commenter is talking about.

  2. @Jason L.

    Hopefully adding a new pass before the old one expires will just add the time after the old one.

    I’m hoping they will keep the month per month one for businesses or as another option people can choose.

  3. What I am concerned about is the ONLINE ordering/loading of the 30-day pass.

    …Currently I can order online the following month’s pass on as early as the 25th.

    After the 30-day pass is implemented, let’s say my 30-day pass will expire on July 30th, how many calendar days in advance can I load my next 30-day pass to my TAP online so that I can continue to use it on July 31st? Do I have to load my 30-day pass on exactly July 31st?

    Because the current situation is that an “add product” online order is not valid immediately after I place the online order.

    Similarly, since my 30-day pass will not expire until July 30th, if I load my next 30-day pass on July 25th and then take a Metro bus, will my TAP-ing “force-start” the new 30-day period on July 25th?