Crenshaw/LAX Line update, 1 p.m. edition

As of 1 p.m., here’s where we are:

•The Board voted 10 to 3 to build the light rail line at street level between 48th and 59th streets in Park Mesa Heights. The motion by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas requested it be built underground. The votes to build underground were from Board Members Ridley-Thomas, Mike Antonovich and Gloria Molina.

•An amendment to the other part of Ridley-Thomas’ motion — seeking to add a station at Vernon Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard in Leimert Park Village — is currently being circulated to the Board of Directors. Once properly digested, a vote will be held on whether to add that station.

In the meantime, the Board is working through other items on today’s agenda.

4 replies

  1. If the MTA paid as much attention to improving bus service, and their bus stops, as it does to ADDING “Light Rail” service, and where THOSE stops go, bus riders would have a much better experience, and the MTA would be held in much higher regard.

  2. Keeping the street level between 48th and 59th streets in Park Mesa Heights, was a good idea, why waste money to build it underground. Back in the day this former line ran on street level. Crenshaw boulevard is wide enough. As for the station at Leimert Park, should be approved.

  3. I am a proponent to subways. Although more expensive, they allow safer streets from cars/people trying to beat trains. Lower street level traffic congestion since the light rail will not affect traffic, and allow for a more direct pathing and robust infrastructure since there are less obstructions underground.

  4. Good decision. I say keep it at street level, but do move the underground station from MLK to Leimert (not build an extra station.)