LADOT launches new bike program website

Behold: A snappy new layout and up-to-date bike maps.

Bike Week is officially behind us, and Bike Month is drawing to a close. But for those of us who caught two-wheeled fever — or already had it — there’s no need to fret — lots of great bike projects are on tap for the city of L.A.

In March, the Los Angeles City Council approved a comprehensive new bike plan that calls for the creation of 1,600 miles of new bikeways, with a commitment to putting in 200 miles every five years. To keep track of upcoming projects and to better educate Angelenos about the bicycling rules of the road, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation has revamped its website,

Chris Kidd at the LADOT bike blog has the details:

Along with our recently updated bike maps, and our continually updated maps of new bike infrastructure projects, the LADOT Bike Program is committed to getting ourselves 100% up-to-date.

Check out the new website and let us know what you think.


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