Expo Line train testing moves east this week

Here’s the latest from the Expo Line Construction Authority:

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  1. It’s time to open the expo line NOW! Let’s get it going. OK, enough is enough.

  2. Shouldn’t this article be titled “Expo Line train testing moves west this week”? We are talking about the first train to West LA here. I’m excited.

  3. If the “First Phase” of this “Expo Line” is technically done, WHY must it undergo nearly 6 months in “testing” before being opened to ridership. I understand some “stations” are still having what passes for “artwork” delivered and installed, but assuming safety standards are met and passed sooner, then later, why not get the damned thing running, and generating revenue already?

    • Hi John;

      As we have reported in the past, some work does continue on the Expo Line — in particular the station at Farmdale and the aerial structure in Culver City at the end of phase one. As for testing, as far as we can tell, this kind of testing is typical an there are a lot of systems in place that need to be tested before multiple trains with passengers are running up and down the line every hour.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  4. oh cool! i’m very excited for any progress on the expo line, there’s a good group of people at the office just waiting for it to open up for their use; i’ll give it a try as well but i know it will make for a very short bicycle ride, i’ll most likely fore go the expo line myself, coworkers will certainly appreciate it though.