Transportation headlines, Friday, May 20

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

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Ban Cars In L.A.’s Downtown? An Idea That Just Might Work (GOOD)

The above video was produced by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo architecture students and Gensler – an architecture firm that is making the move from Santa Monica to downtown L.A. later this year. After a series of animated infographs – did you know 36% of downtown L.A.’s geography is devoted to parking? – a proposal is made to ban parking from the core of downtown. The video then presents an imaginative vision of a downtown L.A. that is walkable, livable and self sustaining thanks to smarter land use.

Five Great Ways To Get People To Ride Bicycles To Work (TreeHugger)

Did Bike to Work Day inspire you to commit to a daily bike commute, or do you a need a little more incentive? How about cash? Or a free bike? Or, more realistically, $5 a gallon gasoline? Check out this TreeHugger post for the full list.

Speaking Out on the Streetcar (L.A. Downtown News)

The Downtown News attended Tuesday’s streetcar meeting and heard what locals had to say about the $125 million project. While most were positive about the project, many wanted to see the route extended to Union Station to offer better connections for people who don’t live in downtown. I’m in full agreement. Since Union Station is the region’s transit hub, connecting it to the streetcar could transform the project from a local perk to a true regional amenity. And when you’re spending millions, why not get the most bang for the buck?

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  1. You know, all these talk about bicycles got me thinking; what about the crowd that sits between the bicycle and the car: the scooter/motorcycle riders?

    We’re seeing an increase of people taking motorcycle safety courses, applying for the M1/M2 class on their drivers licenses and lot more two-wheeled riders these days on the streets and on the freeways. Sales of scooters and motorcycles are up for those looking for a compromise that provides the speed and mobility of a car but gets much better less gas efficiency in this day of high gas prices. Some people just can’t

    Yet everywhere we go, we’re not welcome. Parking lots in LA don’t give us cheaper rates even those scooters and motorcycles take up less parking space than a car, yet bicyclists don’t want us parking our scooters and motorcycles at bicycle stalls.

    What’s a scooter/motorcycle rider to do in LA?