Go Metrolink Weekend: Tour de California edition

The Tour de California's 2008 edition near Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Photo by Miwok, via Flickr.

One more possible thing to do this weekend: check out the start of Stage 7 of the Tour de California bike race in downtown Claremont. The race, in fact, is starting in front of the town’s Metrolink station before the course heads north for a grueling loop through the mountains before a final climb to the base of the Mt. Baldy ski lifts.

The Metrolink Saturday schedule for the San Bernardino line is below. The race begins at 11:45 a.m. and there will be large TVs in downtown to monitor the racers’ progress throughout the afternoon. Here’s the city’s race website and here’s the official Tour de California website.

If you’ve never been to Claremont, it has a great transit-oriented downtown and the Claremont Colleges are a short walk away. Even though the race will quickly head into the mountains, it should be a fun morning in town.

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