Tech roundup: Nextrip officially launches, QR coded bus stop signs coming, navigation improves

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Back in March we revealed Metro’s soft launch of Nextrip for real-time bus arrivals. After a few months of testing and feedback the service is officially live – keep your eyes out on buses and trains for the Nextrip marketing blitz. The above video was produced to help introduce riders to Nextrip.

Watch the video for a tease of Metro’s new bus stop signage. The new signs will feature Stop ID’s and QR Codes to help riders take advantage of Nextrip even without fancy GPS enabled smartphones. New signs will begin popping up in the next month. Keep in mind that Metro has nearly 15,000 bus stops – so it may be a while until your bus stop gets a new sign.

Learn about a new improvement to, after the jump…

Along with the launch of Nextrip comes a nice navigation improvement to The old “Quick Links” box has been replaced by a helpful row of icons just below the denser tabbed navigation menu on the homepage.

The icon row offers shortcuts to some of the most-used sections of including maps and timetables, fare information, the Metro Trip Planner, Google Transit and Nextrip. For visitors who found the vastness of a little overwhelming, this row of icons helps focus the content.

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  1. […] Following a soft launch in March, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (CA) Nextrip real-time bus arrival information is now live. To support the service, LA Metro is upgrading its bus stop signs to display stop ID numbers and QR Codes. Link to full story in The Source. […]

  2. This is good stuff. You guys really need to get on changing out your signs. Long Beach Transit did it with a stop number and a phone number on every sign, and their arrival time system is super easy to use.

    While you’re out there you could also do a survey of the conditions at every bus stop (if you haven’t already), like how many of them have a seat or shade. There’s still a lot of work to do obviously.

  3. Hm what I always thought would be a great addition to Transit TV (at least in Rapid Buses): Next stop information including departure time of connecting buses… Maybe its feasible with this technology now? That would be cool…