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plusMETRO This lady tried and failed to pay for a Big Blue Bus fare with a @metrolosangeles TAP card! How embarrassing … for the Transit Agencies.

sunny_Menagerie This bus was over a half hour late…@metrolosangeles makes me want to listen to BLG & 30 seconds to mars while watching traffic light

yestrask Yeah @metrolosangeles, I wanted to spend over an hour of my Saturday night not with my friends, but waiting for the 4. Get it together.

the_anty i will never understand why typing in actual @metrolosangeles station names doesn’t always work on mta.net route planning

Kythera Bus 5185 (westbound 108) is OUT of transfers?? Would have been nice to know before I paid for one. @metrolosangeles

yestrask Thanks again @metrolosangeles, I could have walked faster.

tedder42 Doing the westside walk to work, @metrolosangeles driver didn’t stop at the eastside stop.

mandiesurja 243 at Winnetka/Parthenia always late… More than 5 minutes… It should be there at 8 AM… @metrolosangeles


LAUrbanNerd Super stoked about the number of bikes i saw on the red line tonight. Way to go LA! @metrolosangeles

MarioACarrasco Taking the @metrolosangeles from Pasadena to the @Dodgers trolley. Free parking and free trolley! #MetroAdventure #Dodgers

Redebbm It’s nice when then newer bus is actually able to get over the hill on this route. Also it smells like good pizza (+) #metrolosangeles

SurrealMystery I love that they show @JaceHall on @TransitTVLA 🙂 That’s a plus for you @MetroLosAngeles. #MetroLAwin

uxumuxo I’ve been riding/walking along the future Expo line. Nice work, @metrolosangeles . It’s gonna be awesome.

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anyonebutgil inward opening midsection doors on newer, non-articulated buses are lame. a constant hassle on crowded buses. any benefit? @metrolosangeles

sunny_Menagerie @metrolosangeles you guys seriously need more 704s to santa monica…theyre always late & packed w/ people who dont need to go that far

GraphikDeziner Dear @metrolosangeles, please please please extend the rail times later into the evening. Would Like to get home!!!

anyonebutgil hey @metrolosangeles can we get light rail or hrt or brt to glendale and burbank soon-ish? pretty please? ps i know its in the lrtp (ugh).

ADD_Avenger seriously @metrolosangeles what do I have to do to make building a #405Train a reality before 2035?? #BuildSepulveda!!

ChicCircuit Requesting WiFi + a way to charge my phone. Dead battery before I reach my destination. @metrolosangeles


ryanwhitacre A little @metrolosangeles Escalator Etiquette: Please stand to the right or walk to the left. If you’re walking, please don’t suddenly stop!

veralusia yes, i carry a travel pillow with me when i ride @metrolosangeles. no, im not #homeless. just tired.

JoeyThate I’m going to tell everyone what I’m doing because this is twitter. I’m taking the @metrolosangeles to @downtownartwalk and see some Rothko.

LowImpactBetty Hey #LA! Do you think it’s worth getting a pass for the @metrolosangeles or just getting a TAP card? Public transpo is my future! 🙂

Dommy_in_LA Dear @metrolosangeles , please stop putting bus stops in front of @jackbox The smell of French Toast sticks is insidious & my will is weak..

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  1. Any chance Metro can do something about the aggressive behavior of subway passengers who insist on racing down the escalator stairs, elbowing on the narrow stairs past those passengers who choose to use the escalator properly? If you are in such a hurry, take the stairs.

    My husband is blind and he’s tired of being pushed aside, losing his balance and having strangers nudge him with their elbows to get out of their way as he’s riding up or down on the Metro escalators in the subway terminals. One of these days, an elderly, handicapped passenger, or a mother holding a baby in her arms is going to get hurt by these Nascar-on-foot racers who think the object of the game is to get to the bottom of the escalator first. Take the stairs if you’re in such a hurry.

    I think it would be a great idea if MTA could occasionally position the same security people/law enforcement folks who check for fare evaders at the bottom of the escalator. If even one passenger is issued a citation for this aggressive behavior, it won’t happen again, because people complain loudly to friends, co-workers and relatives whenever they get a citation or a ticket.