Transportation headlines, Friday, May 13

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

To the Angels game on a rail deal (L.A. Times)

Metrolink's Antelope Valley Line -- seen here at the Action station -- recently added an express train. Photo by SpokkerJones, via Flickr.

Columnist Chris Erskine writes a charming ode to day at the ballpark courtesy of the new Angels Express Metrolink service. Chris finds the $7 round-trip fare  quite the bargain, and the chance to have someone else doing the driving… priceless. As he puts it: “I suppose you could drive the 60-mile round trip on your own, gripping the steering wheel a little tighter with each passing furlong. Do you ever have those dreams where you’re braking in your sleep? I do.”

Our View: New train service great for commute (The Signal)

Here’s a second helping of good news about Metrolink’s recently improved service. A new express train from the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita to Union Station in L.A. has The Signal singing praises and hopeful for a future where locals don’t have to squeeze their cars through the Newhall Pass every morning getting to work. A 50-minute Metrolink ride is a mighty tempting alternative and the Signal thinks it may be enough to restore faith in Metrolink as a viable alternative.

Graffiti: NY subways brought ‘art to the People,’ LA Trains bring ‘people to the art’ (KCET)

Peer out the window of a Metrolink train at the banks of the L.A. river and you’ll witness L.A.’s massive graffiti canvas. Ed Fuentes makes the argument that in New York City the graffiti came to you on the trains and in L.A. you hop on a train to see the graffiti. Ironically, one of the most memorable graffiti pieces I remember from Metrolink rides along the river was the massive piece that spelled out “MTA.” I believe it’s since been painted over.

Caruso doesn’t like Westside Subway Extension (Daily Breeze)

Real estate developer Rick Caruso — the Grove was his creation — told an audience in Los Angeles on Thursday that he’s still considering running for mayor of L.A. in 2013 when Antonio Villaraigosa is termed out of office. Speaking of the subway project to the Westside, which will stop near the Grove, Caruso said “To me, it has just been a colossal waste of local and federal money. I don’t get it. We have the best climate in the world and they want to put transit underground.” The opposite way of looking at it? Putting the train underground will allow it to run from Union Station to Westwood in about 25 minutes. One other minor detail: The feds haven’t yet “wasted” any money on it.