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mfarnan @metrolosangeles Driver of bus 7112 is the slowest ever. Hasn’t gone more than 10mph. We’re getting passed by bikes. Seriously. #fail

Denise_V @metrolosangeles Why is the bus 201 so behind? Been waiting for 30 mins! It was scheduled to come at 6:02 and now it’s 6:30. Makes no sense

jaredjerome @metrolosangeles 260 northbound is 86 minutes away accordin to next stop schedule has it here in 20. I’ll just keep hanging in the ghetto.

SurrealMystery Wow, @MetroLosAngeles has been really disappointing lately. “The 78 should’ve been here already” is something I say 6 times a week now.


heartz456 @metrolosangeles I am so Grateful for you <3

inc1979 Photo: a perfect way to get around without traffic – @MetroLosAngeleshttp://tumblr.com/xdx2gnv4qw

MarioACarrasco Beautiful day @pacpark w/@cynthianatalie! Thanks @metrolosangeles! #MetroAdventurehttp://twitpic.com/4us1nf

cynthianatalie @MarioACarrasco reflections of my #MetroAdventure …LA looks so different from my @MetroLosAngeles seat. #NewFanRightHere

jeffhort Schlepping through south central #LA to find some gas. Prolly shoulda gone @metrolosangeles (@ Two & One Liquor Store)

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SimonOh What happened to the Quick Links box on @metrolosangeles website? Schedules used to be harder to find than Waldo.

qtsr use @nextbus this morning it’s really nice. will the blue line be on it? @metrolosangeles

@SimonOh: Quick Links is being revamped and will return as a new and improved navigation tool on the Metro.net homepage. @qtsr: Rail lines are not currently on NextBus but there are plans to introduce that feature in the future.


SimonOh @metrolosangeles Gold Line at Memorial Park #artoftransit twitpic.com/4vy19z

Moiwarning On my way back To LA, then catching @metrolosangeles back home. #metrolife twitpic.com/4v2zoi

MarioACarrasco Scholars know @metrolosangeles is the way. Man reading @theeconomist whilst reducing carbon footprint. http://twitpic.com/4ur2gc

ryanwhitacre Saw Johnny Depp on the @metrolosangeles Red Line (or at least the person dressed up as Capt. Jack Sparrow who stands in front of Grauman’s)

TheDudeAbides Taking @metrolosangeles to Union Station for National Train Day or as I call it Joe Biden Day. #trainday11 #amtrak

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