Why I Cycle: How often do you cycle?

In celebration of National Bike Month and in anticipation of Bike Week L.A. (May 16-20) we’ve launched a new survey series entitled ‘Why I Cycle’. This series spotlights local bicyclists who have made the daring leap from car-dependent to car-free or at least car-light in Los Angeles.

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Why I Cycle - Frequency

The first question on our Why I Cycle survey asked readers, “How often do you ride a bicycle?

48% of respondents say they ride daily and 41% ride at least a few times a week.

Here are a few responses from these regular riders to the question, “What’s the No. 1 reason you bicycle?” Responses have not been edited for spelling or grammar.

Because I hate driving in LA. One day I just said thats It and SOLD my Car. Been riding for 3 years everyday with combining Metro and Bike. intown i’m faster on my bike than most cars. plus im in great shape and always in a great mood.

-Every day cyclist

Freedom. Freedom to stop as I please, to take in the sights, explore new areas and revisit familiar places. Nobody honks at you when you slow down. Nobody is distracted by cell phones. I ride my bike to be free of the constraint of the vehicle.

– Every day cyclist

Budget cuts have reduced the suburban bus line that passes closest to my house. It doesn’t come early enough, so I bike to catch the earlier train.

– A few times a week cyclist

It’s at just the right pace to experience the world — faster than walking so I don’t get bored, but slower than driving so I can see what’s going on around me.

– Every day cyclist

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Because, while more hazardous than it should be, it feels like the right thing to do. Healthwise, environmentally- socially-conscious-wise. It’s often hard to find the will to get on the bike in the am, but I’m always glad I did.

– A few times a week cyclist

Maybe Im claustrophobic but I prefer it better than being cooped up inside a car. however, dont get me wrong theres places you cant go on a bike but when it comes to work and school I can make that sacrifice and ride my bike or hop on the metro when Im really in a rush. Plus who doesnt like site seeing and having people wave at you as you pass by your daily route. Its a great experience you become aware of whos always on the same streets. Even though its rare I get to ride next to other people while theyre on their way to work as well.

– Every day cyclist

I hate driving in LA. It is the most stressful activity in the world, and cycling is one of the most calming. 🙂

– A few times a week cyclist

I do it for the fitness aspect, and for the fun of it. It seems so optimistic and 1950s in a way, riding around my neighborhood with my friends. Plus, when you don’t have a car, (or in my case, to young to drive alone), and live away from the Metro Rail, it certainly is a valid form of transportation. And because of my experience biking now, the seeds have been sown, and I am sure that I will continue biking after I drive a car, and after the Expo Line comes to Santa Monica.

– Only on weekends cyclist

2 replies

  1. 4 or 5 days a week rider. I ride my bicycle for the exercise and the time it gives me away from life in general. When riding in town you have to concentrate on your riding and are unable to worry with the problems of the day. It is a great stress reliever and helps your general attitude on life. The Metro is great for getting around cleanly but biking really frees you.

  2. I ride my bike because the freedom you have riding you’ll never get driving a car. Even better in the downtown district. EVERYONE SHOULD BE RIDING AND METRO-ING IT UP 😀