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richardx7 @metrolosangeles If there are three carts to every Metro, why are there only two buses available to transfer people from Washington to 7th?

ashleycarey Paid more than I make in a week to refill my @metrolosangeles TAP card yesterday at Ralph’s. It didn’t go through, TAP won’t help me at all.

SamValley @metrolosangeles Due to one of your drivers’ bad directions, I missed an event I wanted to attend.

Kythera Fabulous! According to #nextrip, the previous bus didn’t exist, and the next one is 15 minutes late this morning! #metrolosangeles #fail

ashleycarey The @metrolosangeles 181 westbound is ten minutes behind schedule, which could very possibly cost me my job.


plusMETRO Gas prices keep going up, and @MetroLosAngeles day pass prices are going down. You make the choice. #GoMetro

LLHargett Today’s commute was a pure pleasure @metrolosangeles. #LA #hoponthebus

TheDudeAbides It is nice to have transit options to LATFOB. Thanks @LADOT @metrolosangeles and @latimesfob #leavethecarathome

NeelSodha Love my Big Blue Bus 10 family!!!! #bigbluebus #whyitaketransit #metrolosangeles

justridingalong I love the @metrolosangeles train. http://twitpic.com/4radrv

Waltarrrrr Just would like to thank @metrolosangeles for providing this triple train to Pasadena. 10 bikes per car! yfrog.com/h84o5xgj

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shanepang @metrolosangeles Another night, another request for an extended 704 and increased 4.

dannydonutz The @metrolosangeles should continue running after the bars close. The state needs money, but they could save lives by preventing DUIs.


Nelstar Tonight’s episode of @metrolosangeles bus number 4 we have a man speaking in tongues behind me. Maybe casting spells? #MondayNight

PBunches How I know I ride @metrolosangeles A LOT: Just saw a sheriff depty from NoHo Red Line who recognized me, hadn’t seen him in 2 yrs. #GOMETRO

hnjohnso I’ve said Vermont/sunset is my favorite station art but this is pretty, too. #metrolosangeles http://twitpic.com/4rnnn8

Waltarrrrr Yay! The @metrolosangeles 81 Bus is full of Highland Park families (including mine) heading to #LATFOB

ashleycarey The best part of my day is invariably when the @metrolosangeles fare machine is broken. Free $1.50 for me! That’s grocery money.

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