Metro Board of Directors meets Thursday

The regular monthly meeting of the Metro Board is scheduled for 9 a.m. tomorrow on the 3rd floor of Metro headquarters adjacent to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Meetings, of course, are open to the public.

Here’s the agenda. And here is a quick preview of two items likely to generate public interest:

•Item 16: A motion by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas asking for the Crenshaw/LAX Line to be built underground between 48th and 59th streets in the Park Mesa Heights area and for an additional station to be added at Vernon and Crenshaw in Leimert Park.

An analysis conducted by Metro staff concluded the line can be safely built at grade while navigating the seven intersections in the area and also keeping all current traffic lanes on Crenshaw. The estimated cost of building the 11 blocks underground would be $167 million without a station at Slauson and $219 million with a station at Crenshaw and Slauson.

The cost of adding a station at Vernon is estimated at $120 million. The estimated cost range of the entire project is about $1.59 billion to $1.7 billion.

A Google map is below with a satellite view of the area. There are several issues involved: the availability of funds, the proximity of a station at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Crenshaw to Leimert Park and Metro’s railroad grade policy (to name three). Another big issue: Leimert Park is widely recognized a key part of South Los Angeles from both a cultural and economic standpoint.

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•Item 23: A motion by Board Members Don Knabe and Diane DuBois asking Metro staff to report on crowds on Metro Rail and impact on Metro passengers of removing some seats on train cars to accommodate more bikes.

The motion is in response to a proposal by Metro staff to revamp the agency’s bike policy to allow bikes on trains during peak hours to help more cyclists use Metro to commute. Here’s an earlier post about that proposal.

7 replies

  1. Even though I don’t ride a bike, bikes should be allowed on Metro on a special car. I am encouraged that Long Beach, Calif. is working towards accommodating bikes, I am glad that Metro is too.

  2. John:

    Should metro not accommodate people in wheelchairs, people that have luggage or packages or people with strollers? The fact is that people that use metro must carry stuff with them. A bike is a great option to make the last mile of your commute. Putting a bike on the bus takes less time then collecting fares for cash and getting a bike on the train does not slow it down. The largest transit system in the United States has no restrictions for bikes why should LA?

  3. I am so annoyed at bicyclists being “accomadated” on trains and buses that SLOWS BOTH DOWN! If you want to ride a bike, STAY OFF THE BUSES AND TRAINS! If you want to ride the bus and trains, LEAVE YOUR BIKE AT HOME! You are slowing them down!

  4. Why not dedicate the first or last car of a six car train as the bike car. Remove all the seats (have pull-down seats on the sides). Then leave all the other cars alone for riders and allow bikes ONLY in the designated bike car?

  5. Myself, my wife, and my daughter each have bikes. We ride recreationally, except my daughter also used to get to and from school. Bikes and other bicyclists are our friends.

    However, I am a commuter and am a regular rider on the Gold and Red lines. I am also a ‘transportation jnkie’.

    With respect to the smaller trains on the light-rail lines, bikes on trains are no place to be during commute hours. There is not enough room! It also seems unsafe, especially when small children are trying to get on or off the train when they are around. What if the train suddenly stops, or jolts? These are not uncommon events, perhaps they are even regular.

    For me, no, I don’t think bikes should be on the trains at peak times.

  6. The extra bike space and letting bikers use the rail during peak hours would he a HUGE improvement.

    I can’t currently use Metro to get to work because I’m a bit too far to walk to the station. I’d gladly ride my bike to the station, however!

    I’m sure there’s plenty others like me out there as well.