Happy Earth Day, Metro riders!

photo by NASA

I thought it was appropriate on Earth Day to link to a post we did last year on a very relevant subject: a federal report showing that taking mass transit is a good way to reduce greenhouse gases that are causing global warming and, according to many scientists, threatening ecosystems across the globe.

As for the following, it’s a little photo gallery I assembled this afternoon showing the diversity of life and landscapes on our favorite planet. It’s the same diversity you may be helping preserve by taking the bus or train this afternoon.

Happy Earth Day!

Sandhill cranes above Homer, Alaska. Photo by Len “Doc” Radin, via Flickr.

Tasmanian devil, Tasmania, Australia. Photo by Adam Tibballs, via Flickr.

There are more dandy photos after the jump!

Gobi Desert, Mongolia. Photo by Pablo Pecora, via Flickr.

Flamingos, El Loa Province, Chile. Photo by Pedro Szekely, via Flickr.

Matterhorn and Venus, Switzerland. Photo by problemkind, via Flickr.

Penguins, Antartica. Photo by Barbara Avalos, via Flickr

Wildebeest migration, Serengeti, Tanzania. Photo by La Luca, via Flickr.