U.S. Transportation Secretary taps the power of social media to answer your questions

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has become the poster child for “Gov 2.0”. His blog, Fast Lane, is one of the top government blogs according to Juggle.com. In addition, he’s got a Twitter account with over 16,800 followers and a Facebook profile with over 6,500 fans.

Not bad for the (yawn…) Department of Transportation.

Of course, anyone can start a Twitter, Facebook or blog – what makes LaHood’s social media ventures worth following is that he tends to offer content and commentary worth reading.

His latest social feature “On the Go” (video above) is a perfect example. On the Go is a monthly YouTube series where LaHood tackles questions posed the public on his various social media accounts. It’s great to have a government official address questions directly, it’s even better when the answers are candid and honest. And LaHood is a straight talker, unafraid to interject his personal opinion into a response even if it’s not necessarily the company line.

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